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Cuff for pressure infusion

We are introducing our D&D manual systems for pressure infusion with our know-how on technologies for pressure regulation in the critical procedure of intravenous infusion, where priority is given to ease and safety use.

They are strongly built to cope with intensive use in a hospital or outside it.

Manual system for quick intravenous infusion of blood and solutions,
Ideal for ambulances, operating theatres and intensive care.

- Pressure range: 0 to 300 mm Hg,
- It has a zip that allows quick removal of the inflatable bag for cleaning and decontamination,
- Level indicator in colour, with clearly marked red zone on the manometer,
- Three models for blood or solution bags with different capacities:

500 cc M20085
1000 cc M20080
3000 /4000 cc M20075

Transparent polyurethane cuff

- The bag can be quickly and easily placed
- Allows optimum viewing of liquid level
- The set is very easy to clean and decontaminate
- Long lasting unit
- No latex

500 ml bag M30500
1000 ml bag M31000

Manual system for disposable infusion bags

- Easy to use
- Inexpensive
- No latex

500 ml bag M10500
1000 ml bag M11000
3000 ml bag M13000