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Cuff for pressure infusion

Manual system for quick intravenous infusion of blood and solutions, Ideal for ambulances, operating theatres and intensive care.

BLUE FUSE - fabric cuff

- Pressure range: 0 to 300 mm Hg,
- It has a zip that allows quick removal of the inflatable bag for cleaning and decontamination,
- Level indicator in colour, with clearly marked red zone on the manometer,
- Three models for blood or solution bags with different capacities:

500 cc M20085
1000 cc M20080
3000 /4000 cc M20075

CLEAR FUSE - Transparent polyurethane cuff

- The bag can be quickly and easily placed
- Allows optimum viewing of liquid level
- The set is very easy to clean and decontaminate
- Long lasting unit
- No latex

500 ml bag M30500
1000 ml bag M31000

EASY FUSE - Manual system for disposable infusion bags

- Easy to use
- Inexpensive
- No latex

500 ml bag M10500
1000 ml bag M11000
3000 ml bag M13000